Everyscience has helped thousands of university and college students to understand difficult ideas. Established in 2001 and based upon an undergraduates idea, everyscience is building a reputation for giving clear and concise explanations. The site is designed for the learner, for the student who doesn’t know it already, but who is trying to learn.

The site is composed of several hundred pages of Chemistry. You can navigate your way through them using the java menu or the text based menu and also find the page you need with our powerful specially developed search engine.

About the site

Everyscience.com has been put together by a team of authors and technical staff. We want this site to be a valuable resource to college and university science undergraduates, graduates and researchers, both as a quick reference but also to learn science first off. 

Work on the site first began in the summer of 2001, and everyscience.com first went online in January of 2002. The original concept was to produce a clearly written and easily understood Chemistry ‘textbook’. Since many of the authors were then recently undergraduates themselves, they were able to write in a style with which many students have been able identify with, explaining problems from the viewpoint of the student. In May of 2002 everyscience.com began a small marketing campaign with Google which brought many new readers to the site, and in July work began on the new rebuild. In response to user feedback, key points have been highlighted, a brand new search engine has been put in place, the glossaries have been rebuilt to be more user-friendly, the font has been enlarged and made darker for easier reading, and the list goes on. Our thanks go to all the users whose comments and criticisms have helped shape the new site, we’re proud of it and we hope you like it.

We have further ideas and development plans. We want to have a number of forums for discussing chemistry, we want to put up more pages to cover more material, we want to add animations and videos, we want to add exercise questions and thoroughly worked answers, maybe offer a free email web-based email service to our members. These are a few amongst other ideas, which would be released first to our subscribed audience and then to the rest of the site. We hope that with the added investment of subscriptions that these enhancments and improvements aren’t too far away. Above all, we want this site to be as useful as it can be to the undergraduate, graduate or researcher, and are very keen to hear your suggestions for improvement, so please do let us know of your ideas.

Our Mission Statement

We want Everyscience to be, and known to be, the best way to individually learn any science at university level. From Chemistry to Engineering, using a combination of animations, videos, tutorials and exercises combined with traditional pictures and figures, Everyscience will be the first place any science undergraduate should look. We are thoroughly committed to excellence. Irrespective of whether its in content accuracy, presentation or functionality, we want Everyscience to stand ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest.

About the people

The site team is comprised of authors and website technicians.
The authors are all graduates of Oxford University, UK, with a Masters or Doctorate degrees in Chemistry.