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  1. Sulphur, the Element and Allotropes
  2. Sulphur Halides
  3. Sulphur Oxides and Oxoanions
  4. Comparison of Sulphur and Phosphorous

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Comparison of Sulphur and Phosphorous

Sulphur and phosphorus bear similar relationships to nitrogen and oxygen. The principal differences between S/P and O/N are as follows.

Sulphur Oxides and Oxoanions

Sulphur has a rich chemistry with oxygen. Sulphur forms strong double bonds to oxygen, with, in addition to the σ-interaction, both Opπ-Spπ and Opπ-Sdπ interactions occurring.

Sulphur Halides

Sulphur forms many compounds, in a range of oxidation states, with the halides. Oxygen forms only OF2 and O2F2.

Sulphur, the Element and Allotropes

Sulphur occurs naturally in the elemental form, and is also found in the gases H2S and SO2. Where oxygen occurs as the gas, sulphur is a solid under standard conditions. This is because it does not form S=S double bonds, but forms rings and chains characterized by S-S single bonds.