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Pressure Dependence of Equilibria

The simplest way to predict qualitatively the response of a system at equilibrium to any change in the external conditions is to make use of Le Chatelier’s principle. This states that a system in equilibrium adjusts so as to minimise the effect of an applied alteration in conditions.

The Position of Equilibrium

The reaction Gibbs energy can always be written in the following way. where ΔGrº is the standard reaction Gibbs energy, given by the difference between the Gibbs energies of the products and the reactants, all weighted by the appropriate stoichiometric coefficient

Equilibrium and the Reaction Gibbs Energy

It is the tendency of chemical reactions to reach a condition of dynamic equilibrium, where the rate of the forward reaction (conversion of reactants into products) is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction (conversion of products back into reactants). The composition of a reaction mixture that has reached equilibrium thus does not change over time.