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Are you struggling to understand your chemistry degree?

Everyscience has been made with the student in mind. Every effort has been made to ensure that explanations are both clear and concise. Current students have been consulted to ensure that the explanations are written from a learners perspective.

  • Simple words make it easy to understand
  • Available anywhere with an internet connection
  • Easy navigation to find what you are looking for
  • HoverDefinitions define complicated words on the page without cluttering your display
  • Better value for money than buying a tower of books

See what our customers say about us....

"Simple, uncluttered and clear." Greg, USA
"Pages are clear and easy to understand." Kapil, UK
"Concepts are covered clearly and easy for the reader to grasp." Robert, USA

Joining everyscience is easy and simple. There is a three step process.
You complete a short form to apply.
You see a summary of costs, to agree with.
You pay on secure servers.
Then we email site acess details to you.


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